Pilates, GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS, Yoga Classes in Norwich Norfolk ~ the Sky and the Sea studio
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After qualifying with distinction in 2000 under The Pilates Foundation, I remained in London working for many recognised personalities in the holistic world, including Nish Joshi of The Joshi Clinic Harley Street with its celebrity clientele.

I studied and worked for James D’Silva and qualified in his Garuda method.

I also worked with Jay Grimes as well as the late Ron Fletcher, both of whom were taught by Joseph Pilates himself.  Also Peter Fiasca, Siri Galliano, Kathi Ross-Nash and Dorothee Vandewalle, all of whom left me inspired to further my knowledge of the pure classical forms of Joseph Pilates method. During this period I was first introduced to the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® which soon became my passion.

I began to study abroad with the renowned Juliu Horvath, the creator of the GYROTONIC® method and I regularly travel to immerse myself in all aspects of GYROTONIC® exercise.

In true GYROTONIC® style, to be surrounded by nature, I have relocated to a new spacious countryside studio specialising in the GYROTONIC® Method. I am starting a magical new journey and leaving behind The Pilates Studio in Norwich, which I founded and ran successfully for fourteen years (2002-2016), to a place of tranquility.

The Studio is the first and only fully equipped GYROTONIC® studio in east anglia. The studio has three GYROTONIC® Pulley Towers, a Jumping Stretch Board, GYROTONER® Leg Extension Unit and Archway, all of which are specialised GYROTONIC® equipment.

The benefits of GYROTONIC® exercise are evident in all pursuits. My love of all things equine originally stemmed from my husband.  I am now a keen show jumper myself and love the challenge horses give you.  Horses read everything in your body and I enjoy transferring my movement knowledge when I ride.  The tiniest imbalance in your body shows in your horse and equestrians I teach have found the GYROTONIC® method extremely effective.

Natalie Willcock (formerly Yellop), BA Hons. Authorised GYROTONIC® Pre Trainer. Authorised GYROKINESIS® Pre Trainer. Certified GYROTONIC® teacher level I & II and GYROKINESIS® teacher level 1 & II.  Certified Specialised Equipment GYROTONIC® Jumping Stretch Board, Archway & Leg Extension unit.  GYROTONIC® application for Dancers level I & II.  GYROTONIC® Specialised Courses for the Pelvic Girdle and Applications of GYROTONIC® Applications for Scoliosis both by Paul Horvath.  Certified Pilates Foundation® UK Ltd.  Invited member of IPTA (Independent Pilates Teachers Association). Professional dancer with full Equity membership since 1997. In 2009 I was accepted as a member of the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners.


The GYROTONIC® method, and the GYROKINESIS® method, the equipment-free alternative to GYROTONIC® exercise – also known as ‘yoga for dancers’, is Juliu Horvath’s unique exercise system. GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM® is designed around the human body utilising weights, pulleys and wheels to create a wide range of spherical movement which stretches and strengthens the entire body. All the equipment is highly adjustable and can be customised to fit each persons unique physique and ability. The GYROTONIC® methodology is an unique energetic exercise system, offering similar benefits to those derived from dance, swimming, martial arts and yoga. The system awakens the body through undulating motions that heals in rhythmical movements incorporating the whole body through muscular, skeletal and cardiovascular stimulation.

GYROTONIC® exercise benefits:

  • Stimulates blood circulation, lymphatic fluids and energy
  • Improves skeletal alignment, flexibility and elasticity
  • Joint mobility and articulation
  • Therapeutically supports rehabilitation following injuries
  • Strong, lean muscles
  • Emphasising motion, breath, rhythm and flow
  • Promotes a feeling of well being and physical regeneration

The Studio has three GYROTONIC® Pulley Towers, a Jumping Stretch Board (JSB), Leg Extension Unit and Archway, all of which are specialised GYROTONIC® equipment.

“The movement is a ripple…”


Pilates is an exercise system developed in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) and is suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities.

The Pilates equipment is a fusion of authentic custom made apparatus by Gratz (manufacturer of Pilates equipment since 1929 in New York City) and is especially designed using spring resistance to develop core and full body strength. The technique has been invaluable to professional dancers and athletes to enhance structural fitness and avoid possible injury.

Pilates benefits:

  • Remove inappropriate muscle tension and poor joint alignment.
  • Strengthen weak wasted muscles.
  • Restore skeletal stability and balance, thus releasing back pain.
  • Prevent further injury or degeneration.
  • Enhance the body’s quality of movement and function.
  • Co-ordination and balance
  • Mental stimulation


ALL PACKAGES/SESSIONS ARE STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. 24 hour cancellation fee applies to all clients.


60 minute (1 hour) private sessions = £55

Package of 10 private sessions = £500

60 minute (1 hour) duet sessions = £35 per person

Package of 10 private sessions = £315 per person


Group Tower Classes

3 people – 1 hr.

Please remember that the group classes are limited to 3 people so booking essential.

£30 per person.

Package of 10 = £270. All packages have 3 month validity.


GYROKINESIS® class £15 per person limited to six people.


Cancellations are charged at the full rate unless 24 hours notice is given.

All pre paid packages of Private, Duet and GYROTONIC® Group Tower Sessions are valid for three months from the start date and non-refundable/non-transferable. Payment should be made by cash, cheque or BACS.

What to bring…

Please wear comfortable exercise clothing (no jeans or anything with exposed zippers) and socks.

Bring a towel and drinking water.


Please call Natalie to make your reservation on 07887646228 or email via the form below.

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